Are there formatting requirements for the paper?

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UAA does not have any official guidelines for conference papers. Conference papers are accepted in any format that is accepted in a presenter's discipline. However, keep in mind that if you wish to submit your paper to the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA), the journal does have specific guidelines that must be adhered to. You may find more information at the Journal of Urban Affairs - Author Guidelines page. ... read more

Can I have a co-presenter?

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UAA discourages co-presenters for paper presentations. If you must have a co-presenter, consider doing a poster presentation or informal breakfast roundtable instead. The rules for co-presenters in panel discussions are:  

  • No extra time will be given for the presentation. Both presenters must be able to complete the presentation within 10-minute time allocation for the paper.
  • Both presenters of a single paper must be co-authors.
  • Participants are limited to one session per conference. Co-presenters cannot participant as presenters, moderators, speakers, etc. in any other session.
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Are there less expensive hotel accommodations available?

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Since UAA typically meets in a large city, a quick Internet search will reveal other accommodations available to meet your needs. Conference hotels provide meeting space based on an agreed-upon occupancy level. By reaching the contracted occupancy level, UAA can keep its space rental costs lower, which in turn allows us to offer lower registration rates. Also, reserving a room at the conference hotel is an ideal choice because almost all events occur within the hotel.  ... read more

I just got an e-mail from requesting information on your behalf. Is this legit?

567 views   |   Last updated on Jul 12, 2016    presenter program

Yes! is affiliated with UAA, and used to help create online profiles for conference attendees. It is also the web-based software that UAA uses to create the electronic version of its conference program. Check your spam email folder if you have not received an email from

What payment methods can I use? Do you accept checks?

565 views   |   Last updated on Nov 22, 2017    payment registration

Registrants may use MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit cards online. Personal checks are not accepted. Institutional check payments must be pre-approved by the UAA Executive Office, and will be restricted to payments covering 3 or more registrants. A processing fee of $75 per check will be added to each invoice paid by institutional check. Prior approval for institutional check payments must be requested at ... read more

Are there scholarships or grants for student presenters?

520 views   |   Last updated on Jun 23, 2017    discounts grants scholarships students fees

No, UAA does not offer any scholarships or grants for student presenters. However, registration and membership fees are substantially reduced for students.

How can I change the presenter of the paper while keeping the paper on the program?

512 views   |   Last updated on Jul 13, 2016    presenter paper modify paper/presentation poster

Please see our Make Changes to Your Presentation or Session page for change forms and guidelines. Verbal or e-mail change requests will not be accepted.

How do I submit a proposal for a paper or poster?

496 views   |   Last updated on Jul 13, 2016    proposal submission process abstract paper poster

Review our participation rules and policies, then submit your presentation proposal/abstract online. Submissions must be completed in one sitting. Any information entered will not be saved before the full form is complete. No submissions are accepted after the October 1 deadline.

My online payment was not accepted. What can I do?

480 views   |   Last updated on Nov 22, 2017    payment registration

There are several reasons why a credit card payment may not be accepted. First, check to make sure the caps lock key is off. When on the “payment” page, be sure to select the correct credit card type. Note that only the following credit cards are accepted by our payment system: MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Please also make very sure that you have entered the credit card information (Name, address, card number and card code) as it appears on the card AND is reported by your card’s banking institution. Questions? Contact or 1-414-229-3025 ... read more

Does UAA publish conference proceedings?

422 views   |   Last updated on Jun 23, 2017    conference logistics

No, UAA does not publish conference proceedings. However, paper presenters are encouraged to submit their papers to the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA). By submitting your paper to JUA before the deadline posted in the conference program booklet, you will also be eligible for the Best Conference Paper Award competition.

Do I need to submit my final paper before the conference? If so, when?

418 views   |   Last updated on Jul 12, 2016    deadlines paper submission

Final papers must be submitted to the moderator of each paper panel prior to the conference. The paper submission deadline is established each year and posted on the conference website. In addition, the key deadlines are listed in your proposal confirmation and acceptance messages.  The e-mail address for each moderator will be provided to panelists prior to the deadline for paper submission.

Can I pay registration fees on site?

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If you are not on the conference program, you can register once you arrive at the conference site. Registration rates are higher for those who register on site. For on-site registration, we accept only certified checks (i.e., cashier's/bank checks), or online credit card payments.

IMPORTANT: If you are on the program, you must register (i.e., pay fees) by the late registration deadline.

I need a letter of acceptance to obtain a visa for travel.

404 views   |   Last updated on Jul 12, 2016    international travel letter of acceptance

UAA is happy to provide formal letters of acceptance to international participants listed on the program. Request a formal letter of acceptance by completing the Letter of Invitation Request Form.

Does the UAA offer travel grants?

398 views   |   Last updated on Nov 06, 2014    fees discounts grants travel

No, UAA does not offer travel grants for any participants.

How can I get a local non-profit participant waiver?

392 views   |   Last updated on Jul 12, 2016    discounts participant waiver

Participants who are 1) listed in conference program, 2) presenting at the conference AND 3) from a community-based non-profit organizations in the metro area of the current conference, may be eligible for waiver for registration fees. Contact if you believe you may be eligible. Be sure to state why you think you qualify in your message. Waivers are approved on a case-by-case basis.

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I didn't save the confirmation page containing my registration receipt. What should I do?

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Please contact us at

I live in the area, and do not intend to eat or sleep at the hotel. Can I get a reduced rate?

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Yes, residents of the metropolitan statistical area of the conference site receive reduced rates. Local registration fees do NOT include any food or event tickets.

How do I get a registration refund?

371 views   |   Last updated on Jun 23, 2017    modify paper/presentation withdraw registration refund fees

Refunds of your original payment (minus $95 administrative costs) are possible if requested before the refund deadline. This deadline can be found on the UAA Conference Deadlines page.

NOTE: Please fill out a Withdrawal Form to request a refund. [Form will be available starting November 30].

How do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

369 views   |   Last updated on Jul 12, 2016    certificate of participation

Please complete and submit the Certificate of Attendance form. Your certificate will be available at the On-Site Registration Desk for pick-up during the conference.

Is there childcare available at the conference?

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UAA does not provide childcare services at the conference. However, many hotels offer sitter services for a fee, or can recommend a local nanny service. Contact your hotel directly for more information.

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